2007-2008 – creating the cluster initiative under the project “Regional innovation networks for use and transfer of knowledge forming the base of an ICT cluster”

Creating a cluster initiative a mapping of ICT companies in the West Pomerania voivodeship was conducted.  We created a database of companies, conducted meetings to promote the cooperation within the cluster. As a result, 97 companies joined an informal initiative. We prepared a web portal www.ict-pomorzezachodnie.pl, implemented a CRM system for managing customer relations and an application to conduct the online survey on cluster members. For companies interested in cooperation we organized a project management training and a workshop in order to prepare strategy for the Cluster development.

Project was funded from: Integrated Regional Operational Programme (IROP), Priority 2, “Strengthening human resources development in the regions, Activity 2.6″ Regional Innovation Strategies and Transfer of Knowledge ”

2009 – 2010 – the development of the cluster initiative in the form of a project conducted by the Science and Technology Park of Szczecin, preparations to establish the West Pomeranian ICT Cluster Association

We developed commercial rules for the participation of companies in the cluster (the offer, the membership fees, a partnership agreement). We started the implementation of the new initiatives, such as the Project Manager Club, a debate with local authorities on IT education, participation in trade fairs and business conferences. Our activities are focused on five areas: training, organization of events, the labour market, cooperation with universities and schools, as well as regional and international cooperation.