Nielsen Brandbank
(ACNielsen Polska sp. z o.o.)


ul. Cyfrowa 4 pok. 1.17,
budynek F2, I piętro
71-441 Szczecin

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Nielsen Brandbank is a world leader in providing rich digital content.

Our single-minded objective is to be the rich digital content provider in any market space where we can maximise the revenues of our customers and minimise their effort. Established in 1998 at the start of the dot com boom, we have grown to become one of the world’s largest providers of rich digital content for eCommerce sites, mobile shopping apps and virtual merchandising applications. Brandbank has more expertise than anyone else in this area. We are constantly growing and expanding offer dedicated services, creating original solutions to facilitate and increase the efficiency of doing business on the Web. We help all these companies, large and small, transform the way they use digital content.

Brandbank Product Library for eCommerce industry is one, safe and always available source of current product data. In Poland, it is used by a few dozen e-shops, including among others: Tesco, Makro, Intermarche, E.Leclerc.