Last week we held an organized “Workshop on AI in practice”, which was led by Greg Margas of Enovation Solutions. The meeting was organized by the IT Cluster as part of cluster training. Thank you for such a great interest in participating in the training!

Participants had the opportunity to explore the topic of artificial intelligence, its current applications in business and future prospects. Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest-growing technologies that is revolutionizing work and learning. During the training, we learned about artificial intelligence algorithms and tested their practical applications. Greg prepared an overview of AI tools for us – he presented both basic and more advanced tools used in practice. He also discussed specific AI use cases that increase business productivity. He also highlighted the importance of data quality and training data management, which are key to the effective use of AI.

Greg Margas serves as a Business Development Executive at Enovation Solutions. His passion for educational technology and artificial intelligence translates into innovation at the company. He has co-authored a book on artificial intelligence and has taught courses on “Artificial Intelligence in Project Management” at the Merito School of Banking and “Artificial Intelligence in Business” at RCiiTT. After 16 years in Ireland, where he was involved in launching startups and developing marketing strategies, Greg is actively involved in conferences and e-learning projects, supporting the development of digital education.

In summary, the workshop provided participants with knowledge on how to effectively use AI in their daily work. We would like to thank Greg for this valuable training, and the participants for their active participation and coming in such large numbers.

See you soon at the next meetings!