Belonging to the Cluster is a benefit in developing competencies needed in the IT industry, including through membership in the expert group “Good HR Practices in IT” on Facebook and participation in regular online discussions “HR Telco”. The cooperation within the group is based on mutual inspiration, sharing knowledge and a joint search for solutions in the group of people responsible for everyday HR processes in our cluster companies.
So far, together in an expert group, we have discussed the following topics:

  • Tools useful and recommended in HR processes,
  • The role of the HR department in introducing changes in the organization (workshop with Katarzyna Dujanowicz),
  • A way for summer integration with employees,
  • Use of social media in recruitment,
  • The impact of remote work on the culture of our organizations (meeting with Agnieszka Pieczyńska),
  • Activating participants during online training (workshop with Kamila Pępiak-Kowalska),
  • Tools useful in the work of an HR specialist in organizing your work,
  • Needs regarding IT competencies, i.e. how to recruit employees from outside Poland,
  • Settlement of costs related to remote work (meeting with Agnieszka Zamaro-Wiśniewska),
  • How to provide constructive feedback (workshop with Dagmara Kołodziejczyk and Przemysław Lelewski from TOGETHER consulting), Psychological support for employees,
  • Psychological games in the organization (workshop with Elżbieta Stelmach),
    What tools, ways and style of work will we use, using the experience in 2020?




If your company belongs to the IT Cluster and you work in the HR department – join our Facebook group “HR best practices”!