Our mission is to make the West Pomeranian region and Szczecin area more attractive for investors and young people by building strong and visible brand of West Pomeranian ICT Cluster.

We cooperate to benefit from:

  • exchanging experiences
  • new business contacts
  • acquiring new knowledge and skills
  • participation in EU R&D projects.

Our goals are:

  1. Obtain highly-skilled and pro-active ICT personnel in the region.
  2. Achieve a high level of innovation and competitiveness of enterprises affiliated to Cluster.
  3. Integrate and mutually support community of people actively working in the ICT industry in the West Pomeranian region.
  4. Create and strengthen the brand of the Association in order to increase credibility and prestige of its members and the attractiveness of the West Pomeranian region for the employees, investors and local entrepreneurs.
  5. Create a strong ICT sector lobby with the aim of reinforcing the image of West Pomerania region and Szczecin as an attractive place for investors.