Employer Branding

Membership in the Cluster gives your company the possibility of seeking employees, as well as conducting activities in the field of Employer Branding in a broader aspect, which is possible through:

  • internal cluster internships system - jobseekers fill out a declaration form and then our companies are provided with the description of each candidate;
  • cooperation with schools and universities in the West Pomerania region – we develop our relationship with organizations at all levels of education, including schools and other educational institutions from the region, starting from the basic level, through secondary schools and universities. For our companies, this means the opportunity to quickly attract trainees as well as the company's participation in competitions organized at universities focused on the IT sector (e.g. hackathons);
  • using the IT Cluster's communication channels to present the company as an interesting employer in the region. In addition, each of our members can publish a recruitment offer using our channels, including a post on Facebook profile and LinkedIN or by publishing information on the Cluster's website.