Grupa IT

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We are passionate about digital transformation and new web technologies. For over 10 years we have been helping our customers to introduce and support IT development in their companies. By implementing unconventional and modern solutions, we streamline processes, and thus reduce the costs associated with IT service in the company. We use our knowledge and experience to implement digital solutions into the dusty world of paper documents, creating innovative IoT, telemetry and ecommerce technologies.

Why trust us?
Introducing web technologies allows our clients to focus on their core business model. We make sure that all IT-related issues support their goals. Thanks to our dedicated solutions tailored individually to the needs and specifics of your business, we implement effective IT tools which increase the usability, efficiency and stability of IT processes. We cooperate with companies and institutions from all over the world, implementing projects in various industries and markets. With each project we bring something new to our clients, becoming their partner in the development of processes and projects, adding a brick to the flourishing of the organization and increasing efficiency.

What do we do?
Our experience and broad team of specialists allow us to implement a wide range of IT projects. As part of a comprehensive service, we create portals, e-shops and intranets, from design through implementation to management and ongoing service. Our solutions are based on proven Drupal, Laravel and Symfony technologies which ensure scalability and security.