Sagra Technology Sp. z o.o.

Sagra Technology Sp. z o.o.

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The world belongs to open, active and creative people. Today, the key to success is to have the newest information. The competitive edge is determined by mobility and reaction time.

In the past, the limits of the civilization development were defined by the relations between the human and the space. Nowadays, technology is equally important. It integrates, supports and creates reality. Humans, space and technology create a new communication dimension. Sagra Technology is committed to make its partners feel free in this dimension.

Our team members treat technology as a natural working environment. We operate in this environment, thru many years of experience, professional passion, accuracy and consistency.Our employees are young professionals, including consultants, analysts, developers, advisors, business experts and IT specialists. What sets us apart is the way we develop our solutions. We develop our products through hard work and creativity, and continuously upgrade them.

Sagra Technology was established in 1988. We are leaders among Polish providers of IT solutions supporting mobile sales, customer service and marketing. We excel at developing and deploying the in-house Emigo mobile system. It is the SFA (Sales Force Automation),FFA (Field Force Automation), mCRM (Mobile Customer Relationship Management) class solution.

Our portfolio is addressed mainly to companies which operate on the basis of a network of mobile representatives. The solution is provided based on the SaaS (Software as a Service) or ASP (Application Service Provider) models. Each day Emigo is used by over 6 thousand users from, among others, pharmaceutical, FMCG and construction and decoration component industries. We operate in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

Since 1998, the Emigo system has been developed on an ongoing basis by a great team of professionals. We provide training, support and consulting, integrate the system with other systems. We adjust deployments to individual customer needs. The number of deployments of our mobile system in Poland is growing dynamically. Our success is the question of momentum. Sometimes we work against the trends. We are a step ahead of the market in terms of technology.

We are a step ahead of the market in terms of technology.