SpyroSoft Synergy S.A

SpyroSoft Synergy S.A

Cyfrowa 4,
71-441 Szczecin

www: https://spyro-soft.com/
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Spyrosoft Synergy is a tech company specialising in software engineering services for global clients from the robotics and Human-Machine Interface domains. The company was established in 2021 in Szczecin, Poland, by a group of people who have been associated with the local tech community and the Spyrosoft S.A. group over the past several years. In collaboration with other departments in the group, Spyrosoft Synergy also works on automotive, healthcare, Industry 4.0, financial and geospatial projects.


The goal of the Spyrosoft Synergy specialists is to adopt and make use of the synergy between different platforms and technologies – starting with embedded systems to mobile and web applications. All in the name of creating safe and better spaces that will serve the people who operate within them. The team of experienced engineers works on the following projects:


  • Robotics solutions: embedded systems and applications (mobile, web, HMI and desktop) for the robotics ecosystems;
  • Graphical User Interfaces for the robotics, medical, automotive, Industry 4.0 and consumer electronics sectors;
  • Infotainment system architecture for the car manufacturers from the premium and hypercars segments;
  • Mobile solutions for all industries;
  • Web platforms for all industries.


The Spyrosoft Synergy team consists of technology enthusiasts who can realise their passion for technology professionally. Teamwork, analysing new technologies and transparent work culture determine the quality of their work for the clients. Although operating on the global market, the company stays in sync with its local environment. The team is engaged in the local communities and their initiatives.