What an intense and inspiring week is behind us! On September 15 and 16 we hosted extraordinary guests in Szczecin, who came to the IT Cluster and the Academy of Art as part of the international T-A-B project (the project name: Creative Lab for exploring Tech, Art and Business innovation in different sectors).

The group was very diverse in terms of nationality – Swedes, French, Danes, Lithuanians, Italians, Germans and Poles, but also because of competences – we had musicians, art directors, graphic designers, VR / AR companies, scriptwriters and organizers. Our cluster companies – Stettiner, 24 fps, Panopticum, Avid and Spyrosoft also participated in the event. Our goal during these two days of workshops was to develop a concept for a larger project we may start next year.

We started the meeting with a joint integration, and we would like to thank Kamila Pępiak-Kowalska for helping us create psychological safety in our diverse team. Then we split into two workshop groups. The first dealt with the topic AR/VR/XR in Citizen Dialogue/ Social Engagement, and the second worked on AR/VR/XR in Film – producing a digital storyboard to pitch and sell a film production at a national level.

Thank you very much for cooperation with Monika Klein from the Academy of Art and representatives of Blue Science ParkJörgen Adolfsson and Marie Björck.

We are looking forward to the effects of further cooperation!

The workshop was realized as part of the previously submitted application for the seed money project (Interreg South Baltic Program 2014-2020).

At the end of 2021, we submitted a total of 3 applications (as partners in three different projects). It is worth mentioning that out of 69 applications submitted in total (by various institutions from the South Baltic countries), as many as 26 did not receive funding. Fortunately, all of our 3 got 🙂