On the last Thursday of February, we had the pleasure of hosting at our Cluster Breakfast, Experts from Chubb European Group SE and SEDINA BROKER, who specialize in the area of insurance
professional liability insurance for entities in the technology sector. Thank you for the valuable discussion and expert guidance. For those who could not attend the meeting, we are sending a presentation.

Please feel free to contact us directly regarding insurance for IT companies:

During the breakfast, we also learned more about the company Whitesky Poland, which introduces modern cloud solutions in EDGE CLOUD technology to Poland, being part of the www.whitesky.cloud group.
The company specializes in offering private, public, or hybrid cloud solutions.
We want to thank Alberto Lozano (CEO) for attending the meeting, who told us more about the activities of our new Cluster.

We organised the breakfast together with Technopark Pomerania.