Last week, Magdalena Ławicka and Monika Duszkiewicz, together with our Cluster Member Piotrem Krężel  from the company, took part in the Creative Design Sprint 2024 event held at the Bastide Rouge in Cannes. The meeting was part of the T.A.B (Innovation Hubs for Tech, Art, and Business) project.

During the three-day workshop, we worked with our partners and experts from ten European countries, including representatives from technology parks and universities, artificial intelligence specialists, graphic designers, film and music producers, directors, actors and musicians.

The workshop produced some interesting projects using Artificial Intelligence tools. Participants worked in three groups:

  • Myrihandes: Film – they worked on a multimedia project where they created a virtual reality film trailer based on the fantasy novel ‘The Secret of the Soulmates’.
  • Myrihandes: Music – they developed the theme music for a film trailer from a fantasy world.
  • Spice Superheros – they were tasked with bringing the children’s book ‘Spice Superheros’ into the virtual world, mainly as an animated TV series, mobile app and AR/VR.

During our visit, we also had the opportunity to visit  Bastide Rouge. This state-of-the-art campus is dedicated to innovation, entrepreneurship and education in cinema and digital media. The place is a hub for start-ups, students and creative professionals, offering a space for collaboration, learning and the creation of new projects. It houses, among others, universities, incubators for young companies, advanced technology labs, including those dedicated to artificial intelligence and multimedia production.

Participating in the workshop among such diverse and experienced experts was an extremely inspiring experience for us, as well as a chance to collaborate and exchange ideas with leaders and innovators from all over Europe.

The trip to France was also unique for another reason – we also found time for the workation formula 😉 .

This modern concept allowed us to combine working on our project with the opportunity to be inspired by the environment around us and to relax in one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Throughout our stay in Cannes, the IT Cluster team worked intensively on the further development of the T.A.B project, taking advantage of unique opportunities to make new business contacts and develop existing partnerships.
By working together on the TAB project, we have the opportunity to shape the future of technology, art and business together with our European Partners.

We look forward to developing the project further. We would like to thank everyone who was part of this very creative time of our work in Cannes.

The partnership meeting and workshop were funded by Project T.A.B. (Interreg South Baltic).