On 14 December, as part of our regular meetings and the Good HR Practices in IT group, a workshop was held for us by Agnieszka Pieczyńska, Ph.D.

This time we talked about how to have difficult conversations with employees.

The role of HR professionals is no longer just about setting up HR systems and processes. They are now required to have advanced interpersonal skills, including having difficult conversations with employees. One that many would like to avoid.

During our discussion, Agnieszka pointed out that difficult conversations require:

  • courage,
  • empathy,
  • listening,
  • asking,
  • communicating intentions.

The effectiveness of a conversation is achieved when a predetermined goal is achieved. During her presentation, Agnieszka discussed in detail the different styles of interviewing while emphasizing the key role of adequate preparation for the meeting.

Interactive discussions and exchange of experiences between participants were also an integral part of the workshop. Agnieszka shared her knowledge superbly. She presented the key issues to us in a substantive manner and concretely supported them with examples. Her ability to show the various possibilities and the right approach to them made the information provided not only theoretical concepts but also practical tools that can be directly applied in everyday action.

Agnieszka Pieczyńska, Ph.D., advises technology companies and supports company boards in making critical strategic decisions. As part of her projects, she develops and implements strategies, organization, and management systems, identifies areas of low efficiency and designs improvements, and supports her clients in improving their managerial competence.
You can find more information about Agnieszka, as well as many factual articles on management specifics, at: www.pieczynska.com.pl

We want to thank Agnieszka for this precious meeting and all the participants for coming and actively participating! See you soon for the next meetings!