Marcin Kaczmarek – Chairman Of The Board and René Ebert – Managing Director in SIBB – ICT & Digital Business Association Berlin-Brandenburg signed an intent letter of cooperation.

“Hereby, we declare our willingness to cooperate and support any future joint activities within the framework of the SIBB international project “Deep Tech Hub” and the international activities of The West Pomeranian ICT Cluster .”

The advantages of collaboration are the following:

  • Development of a network for international cooperation between business actors in the deep tech field and digital economy ecosystems of SIBB (in Berlin and abroad) and  The West Pomeranian ICT Cluster (in Szczecin and West Pomeranian Region and abroad).
  • Effective exchange of information, contacts and other resources that are conducive to success in the internationalization process of deep tech start-ups and SME from both ecosystems of SIBB and The West Pomeranian ICT Cluster. 
  • Building and strengthening business and innovation ecosystems at city and regional level.
  • Promotion of deep tech-oriented start-up ecosystems, accelerator programs and incubators.
  • Support to deep tech companies in developing their internationalization strategies and successfully entering foreign markets.

Creation of partnerships to promote innovation in high-impact areas with a particular focus on:

  • Forum Digital Platforms & Technologies 
  • Digital Transformation 
  • E-Health  
  • Industry 4.0

The main objectives of our cooperation are the following:

  • To create a platform for cooperation between business development organizations, cluster organizations and digital businesses in the deep tech area.
  • To develop an ecosystem for deep tech-oriented SMEs and start-ups with a focus on business cooperation and financing opportunities.
  • Fostering a mutual exchange of experiences related to strategic planning for internationalization, preparation of market analyses, and the localization of products and services.
  • The  identification  of  potential financing sources and local strategic partners for each respective region (Germany and Poland) for the purpose of market expansion and/or foreign investment.
  • To provide support to start-ups interested in European expansion through access to a network of experienced business actors and partner organizations.


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