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Wojciech Kowalczyk

Director of Services & Technology at Kongsberg Maritime Poland, one of the world's largest subsidiaries of KONGSBERG. Since the very beginning of his career, he has been closely interwoven with the maritime industry. He can still be startled by the simple fact that quite recently he has passed almost a quarter of a century working for the global shipping business. He gained experience as an electronics technician, field service engineer and project engineer before moving to take on a variety of managerial roles, also within international corporate structures. For over eight years he lived and worked in the United States, Norway and South Africa. One of the co-founders of Szczecin-based company Shipmedics. Technically: passionate about new solutions which in the near future will completely redefine the global maritime transport. Business-wise: strong practitioner of cultural compatibility topics and their impact on business efficiency. Privately: husband and a father.