Radosław Zacha

When he started his own company, he was already a well-known figure in the IT community, so orders came quickly. For five years he worked independently designing and administering business websites. The artist's soul always allowed him to get along with any contractor, no matter what he did - from roller shutters to glass structures, which made his experience grow. Then he undertook the task of designing a large advertising portal. It was supposed to be the most serious investment he had ever dealt with. Today it would be difficult to think about Radek's fate after completing this assignment on his own, but at this point he decided to work with his colleague Michał Olejarski, whom he has known since the age of fourteen. The task was successfully completed; the cooperation of the elements could have a certain future, which guaranteed that the creativity of any IT specialist would not diminish. Then came new tasks for large foreign portals from Germany, Switzerland and Ireland. The stage at which you meet Radek today is called General Informatics and more important than working in this company is only inspiration and relaxation, which he has always associated with Szczecin Niebuszewo and his life partner - Kasia.

Michał Olejarski

After returning to Poland, he founded the company "Global Informatics" - he took care of the software and computers. His professionalism, as well as courtesy and peace of mind quickly won the trust of customers. They regularly asked about the possibility of setting up and running websites for their companies. Radek Zacha - his partner today - "Łysy" has known since he was 14. Once, they began to work together, to be exact – it was about some help regarding the design of a big advertising portal, which was the task that Radek for some reason did not want to do alone. Michał learned programming very quickly. Together, they took care of several areas of information technology - websites, technology and repairs. In July 2016, they established the company General Informatics, which in less than half a year from its established got to the forefront of companies specializing in the architecture of cyberspace.